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The Central Coast USBC
Association is a
membership organization
for bowlers. Located in
Santa Barbara County and
San Luis Obispo County
on California’s central coast,
it is a member association
of the California USBC

More information on
bowling in California
may be found on the
California USBC
Association web site:

The United States Bowling
Congress (USBC) web site:

For more information on
bowling and leagues on
the central coast, check
out our
Centers and Leagues
Youth Leagues or
contact us.

2018-19 Officers    

Lou Gilless 

Anita James
Vice President 

Elaine Schneider
Vice President


Pat Smart
Vice President  


Jennifer Fitzgerald

Clay Ory
Association Manager
Bill Guertler
Paso Bowl

Nancy Miller
Paso Bowl
Pismo Bowl

Pismo Bowl 

Sal Casillas
Rancho Bowl


Wade Stever
Rancho Bowl 

Larry Burnham
Rancho Bowl

Surf Lanes


Dudley Fernandes
Surf Lanes


Youth Representatives    

Sonya Bryars 
Paso Bowl 

Tami Baty 
Pismo Bowl 

Larry Burnham 
Rancho Bowl

Dustin Isbell
Surf Lanes

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